Our Mission


MEDILOGY is a DS Medigroup Company.

Our mission is:

  • connect Evidence Based Medicine to everyday clinical practice, by providing softwares and tools to access filtered and graded contents according to patient history. We select the best content providers, and we connect their knowledge base to our software, which can be used either as a stand-alone application or to interface CPOE or EMR software. Our goal is to make the use of EBM easy, fast and efficient
  • interconnect through ICT, doctors, pharmacists, nurses and patients making use of a healthcare network model based on collaboration and sharing of information and processes at point of care

MEDILOGY can boast the 30-year of DS Medica, a world leader in researching, designing and marketing scientific software and medical technology, as well as a team of professionals with a long-established expertise in the sector of health and medicine.

MEDILOGY designs and manufactures innovative solutions for health system network consisting of software and ICT services for primary care, local health authorities and hospitals, thanks to an intense research activity carried out in collaboration with leading research institutions, scientific companies and health industry associations.