Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) is  a DSS-based Computer Software designed to assist physicians and other health professionals with decision-making tasks, such as determining a diagnosis on the basis of patient data. A working definition has been proposed by Robert Hayward of the Centre for Health Evidence: "Clinical Decision Support systems link health observations with health knowledge to influence health choices by clinicians for improved health care".

The main purpose of modern CDSS is to assist clinicians at the point of care (Berner, Eta S., ed. Clinical Decision Support Systems. New York, NY: Springer, 2007). This means that a clinician will be able to interact with a CDSS  when it comes to  determining a diagnosis or analysing  patient data.

There are two main types of CDSS:

  • Knowledge-Based
  • Non Knowledge-Based
MediDSS is a Knowledge Based CDSS developed by combining the Duodecim EBMeDS engine and EBMG knowledge base.