Knowledge base

The MediDSS inferential engine EBMeDS is based on scripts consisting of a set of more than 700 complex rules which implement the clinical logic of the system.

All end-users of the EBMeDS service can contribute to the development of new scripts. The simplest way to make a contribution is to send  your suggestions for new  script-related ideas to the EBMeDS editorial team. End-users  will be offered free access to the EBMeDS Script Description Editor (ESDE), a web-based editing tool for the open-source development of evidence-based decision support procedures. Use of the ESDE requires registration.

All scripts will have a direct link to graded evidence, Cochrane reviews, EBM guidelines, journal articles, web sites and various other sources of information. EBMeDS is linked to Duodecim EBMG, a knowledge base made of:
  • Nearly 1,000 concise primary care practice guidelines
  • Over 4,400 quality graded-evidence summaries supporting  any given recommendation
  • Powerful software and indexing tools (including MeSH and UMLS), enabling quick and effective  data retrieval
  • A growing collection of over 80 videos showing clinical examinations and procedures including ultrasonography  investigations
  • A searchable library of 1,300 high-quality photographs and images, including extensive collections of dermatology and ophthalmology images
  • 77 audio samples linked to articles, including descriptions of pulmonary diseases and heart murmurs in children
  • All the Cochrane Systematic Reviews cited within the EBM Guidelines are provided in full text
  • Tools for the calculation of peak expiratory flow-rate variations, body-mass index and LDL cholesterol, amongst many other features

NHS Evidence

Accredit recommandation

The process used by Duodecim Medical Publications to produce Evidence Based Medicine Guidelines (EBM Guidelines), Evidence Summaries and Evidence Based Medicine electronic Decision Support (EBMeDS) has been accredited by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).

Duodecim is the first non-UK guideline developer and EBMeDS is the first clinical decision-support product to obtain NHS Evidence Accreditation in  recognition for the methodology applied.