MediDrug Support

Get started

To use MediDrug you need:

  • An account
  • A valid licence
  • An application
  • An internet connection
To get your account go to Medilogy Store and register your personal data.

If you don’t have a valid licence, you may obtain a trial licence in the Medilogy Store

There are two kinds of application you may use:
  • Web application, which requires a compatible browser
  • Native application, which has to be downloaded from Apple, Google or Microsoft stores (not yet available)
To start to use MediDSS, go to Get it MediDrug page

Faq / Manual

MediDrug requires username and password. How can I get these credential?
To get your account go to Medilogy Store and register your personal data.

How much cost a MediDrug account?
MediDSS account is free of charge. However to use MediDSS you need also a valid licence. If you don’t have a valid licence, you may obtain a trial licence in the Medilogy Store

I enter my username and password, but the application says my licence is expired. What can I do?
If your licence is expired, you may purchase or renew it going to Medilogy Store

How much cost a MediDrug licence? How many kind of licence exist?
Visit Medilogy Store to see all kind of licences.

I belong to a healthcare organization. Are there special enterprise licence (multiple users) for institutions and healthcare providers?
Yes, visit Medilogy Store to see all kind of licences.

After clicking on web application link, the browser remains frozen and nothing happens.
MediDSS requires a running Internet connection. Check if your browser connects to Internet. If yes, check if your browser supports MediDSS (see Get It MediDrug page)

May I use, with the same licence, MediDrug on different devices (PC and tablet)?
Yes, the MediDrug licence is valid for all your devices.

MediDrug seems to work, but some screens are quite different from the users manual screenshots. 
Some small differences are due to the various ways the browsers manage web page specifications. Check if your browser supports MediDrug (see Get It MediDSS page) or try using the suggested browser.

Which are the main differences between web and native applications? Which is the best?
Web applications don’t require any installation. They work through an Internet browser and are always updated. Native applications exist only for tablet computers and require a download and a software installation. Both require a running Internet connection. Native application are faster than web application, store your data into the tablet setup and are better optimized for the screen resolution (they work in full screen mode).

Release history

Release 1.0 – current version
  • MedBase DB is updated at 2013 september
  • Translations of articles and integrations texts is at work
  • Enhanced graphical appearance and layout for ipad and android tabled
  • Alfa version for smartphone layout
  • Available background data analysis service for drugs interactions for hospitalizations of clinical structures (medications hospitalizations data required)
  • Available third part integration, through a simple mechanism using a small java application. Third part required to do a low effort modification  (write XML MediDrug request in specific directory is needed).

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