MediDrug Overview

MediDrug is a cloud Medications Decision Support System, developed by Medilogy, which enables the access to Medbase's drug databases.

MedBase is a Finnish company formed by experts in pharmaco-therapeutics, which produces medical databases to health care professionals to safeguard effective and safe clinical use of drugs. In addition to its expertise, Medbase has collaboration with several experts in pharmacotherapy in several countries, including those of Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, which guarantees a high scientific quality and frequent update of the contents of its databases.



  • Short and concise warnings & recommendations
  • Clear classification system for clinical relevance
  • Saves time, costs and reduces the need for consultation
  • Clinical documentation needed
  • Selective - Avoid over-alerting
  • Stright on to point of care station, as reliable second opinion it  help the physicians in daily workflow.
  • Fully integrable in EMR, EHR
  • MediDrug always follows you on PC, tablet and smartphone